About the role

Huddle has an ambitious plan to build an entire end-to-end managed trading solution for our clients. It has already secured some significant clients and is looking to further develop its product range and client base. Huddle is going through an exciting phase, it has just merged with another business and secured significant investment to continue our growth globally.

The purpose of this role is to boost development capabilities of Huddle’s proprietary DeckPrism Sports trading platform. It is a software product that is among the best in the American market in the betting industry.

Deck Prism Sports (DPS) platform is an internal system. DeckPrism technology uses advanced quantitative models and proprietary algorithms to deliver the fastest, most accurate pricing, and most reliable in-play odds on the market to sportsbook operators across North America. Huddle’s trading team uses the DPS platform to combine our algorithmic layer with human monitoring for quality control.

About you

As a Full Stack Engineer, you will be responsible for working on both frontend and backend development processes. You’ll be part of a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full development life cycle of the DeckPrism Sports platform, from conception to deployment. You will design, develop and maintain the current functionalities of the platform and implement new ones. You’ll work closely with other team members in order to achieve a faster development process and deliver better products through reducing bottlenecks in the development process.

Key tasks and responsibilities

We are looking for professionals with these required skills to achieve our goals:

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